Then maybe he ought to get a new job and buy his own

Hand me downs

It is now very clearly fall here. We may still be having some 80 degree days, but the light has taken on a more yellowish tint. Although it’s probably more likely that there is simply less blue. There are also clouds in the sky. This makes for a large reduction in the amount of dramatic light inside the car. The S8’s camera is very different from the G3 I had. In the darker interior of a vehicle, the S8 gets kind of grainy, but has a more even colour. The LG had a slightly washed out tone, but there was a lot more detail and sharpness. I was able to adjust the colour to balance back out. The newer processor certainly help with the speed though. I have a lot less slightly out of focus photos to go through as Paddy slumps and falls, drops his arms, tilts over, drops off the chairs etc, just to pick the right one. Our hard drive space is starting to get tight. :-)


Narrator: Let’s try this one more time. His phone died a month ago, he had to get a new one
Paddy: OK
Narrator: This took a week
Paddy: because, REASONS
Narrator: The new phone got here, but then life happened
Paddy: yeah, it’s actually the new version of the phone he gave me when he upgraded last time
Narrator: At this point the light has changed outside so the photos are not going to match up
Paddy: I get all that
Narrator: Then what’s the problem?
Paddy: Well this time I don’t get his old new phone, and I REALLY liked his old new phone