I have an old knit sweater that used to be various shades of blue. It is now various shades of brown, black, grey  with white fake mohair. I'm not entirely sure there is any of the original sweater left.

Helpful dog is helpful.

One of the downsides to wood and tile flooring is that we now have fur tumbleweeds. They are however, good entertainment for the cat when there is a breeze.


Paddy: So, come here often?
Dog: I’m always here. Unless they trick me into a ride to the Vets. That happens a lot actually.
Paddy: Do you know how to get on the wife’s good graces?
Dog: Oh I know this one. “Get out from under my feet.”
Paddy: Neither of you seem to be able to do that.
Dog: true, but we’re cute.
Paddy: It seems you’re leaving half your hair behind you. Is this some sort of condition I should know about?
Dog: It’s OK. It’ll give you something in common to talk about. keep skritching please.