Raining, again? What is this? Seattle?

Here comes the rain again

Yup. I didn’t take enough out side photos before. Now the deck is clean, there are extra chairs, it’s cloudy, a completely different time of day… Meh, usually the furniture changes in the background every week anyhow. It’s part of the comics charm. It keeps things fresh and gives the internet something to complain about.


Patrick: Those clouds rolled in awful fast
Paddy: or maybe we should’ve taken more photos three weeks ago
Patrick: at any rate we should start dinner
Paddy: I suppose so. I’ll go get my cell phone
Patrick: Going to use a recipe and not make something out of a box for a change?
Paddy: If recipe means calling in for pizza then, yes
Patrick: Ah, someone else making something in a box
Paddy: no dishes