The Photograph of this hangs in the office where I used to work. The story behind it is that one of my coworkers is going to walk out the door with it as she retires.

Hewitt’s Drug Store

So, I’m making some changes on my personal sites ad decided that I really don’t need the test layout site any longer. I had been using it to post random drawings and such, but since I started Paddy Pogue, I’d most likely post my stuff up here if I’m going to post at all. So I decided what I’m going to is re upload them here on a random day. Probably on a Wednesday. If it’s raining.

This is a drawing I did on an iPad of¬†Hewitt’s Drug Store in Anchorage (from the 1920’s I believe) It was an experiment in just how much I could do with the program I was using. Not that I can recall what program that was. After this drawing, I decided ¬†that there were easier ways to draw on a screen than with a big hollow balloon eraser thing on a pen. That and the resolution and lack of memory on the original iPad leaves a bit to be desired. This was the last serious drawing I did on the cursed thing. It did leave me wanting for a watcom tablet though.