Why yes, the garage is cold as a matter of fact. Why do you ask?

Hey Diddle, Diddle

Just popping off a quick joke at my own expense. I really need to finish the shelves, they take up a lot of space in the shop. It would be better if they took up a lot of space in the house instead. I’m also trying a new method of posting to FB and the likes. Hopefully it stops cropping the image in the middle of the comics.


Paddy: So what exactly have we not been making out here?
Patrick: A set of shelves and some doors
Paddy: So…What’r the rails for then?
Patrick: To hang the doors on, and help keep the sawdust out of the furnace. I’m moving the major work over to power tools, Since I mostly use reclaimed lumber, it sames a lot of time. Plus my shoulders have been acting up a lot lately
Paddy: Well yer damned lucky
Patrick: How so?
Paddy: well the way you go at it, I’m shocked you haven’t shaken yer plums clean off