Aaaaaaaannnnd it begins. Yes the comics border is much wider than it used to be. I’m slowly adding the border to the comic itself instead of coded into the CSS of the website. I originally did it this way so that I could change the border colour for the holidays but seeing as how I have yet to do that and the only holidays I even write for is Halloween and Christmas it’s more of a hindrance at this point than anything else. It also made for a smaller file. Now that there’s better png compression, I’m not so worries about it. It’ll all be back to normal once I finish adding the border back to all of the comics in the archive. And seeing as how Inkscape had a major DPI update, this will take a bit. Of course once I’m done, this post won’t really make any sense either.


Narrator: Days later we rejoin the heckled heroes making amok in the Patcave
Patrick: Can you give me a hand?
Paddy: That would seriously change the dynamic of our relationship
Patrick: Just come over here, I need you hold this
Paddy: That sounds an awful lot like manual labor
Patrick: Yes. Yes it does
Narrator: Later
Paddy: I’m getting tired
Patrick: I told you to let go twenty minutes ago
Paddy: yes, but I’m helping