While we're at it, we should replace the photographer and the writer.

Howard Hawks it ain’t

I’m not sure which is worse, that the comic is a cliche, or that while I was writing and laying out the argument and the discussion, it turned into the cliche on it’s own.
There is also the strangeness of the background noise in my office. The windows are open, it’s early in the morning and for some reason there are two chicken going at it from a neighbors yard. A raven bitching at me through the open window, an owl calling for a mate, in the distance the monkeys from the zoo are howling, and what I think is an electronic bell, playing “deck the halls”.  Yes it is early July, and this is when I purchased Paddy from Costco.


Narrator: where do they put this person they are paying a quarter of nothing?
Paddy: In a box in the closet for all I care
Narrator: There’s no room with your fat ass in there already
Paddy: You’re just jealous because I get all the scenes
Wife: Maybe he’s got a good idea
Patrick: Bite the bullet?
Narrator: you know he asked me to do the TV scene first
Paddy: Yeah, to do the subtitles
Narrator: As if. He had wrote you in at the last minute. That’s why there was no dialogue
Paddy: Shows what you know. I ad-libbed the whole thing
Narrator: That explains a lot
Wife: We need to hit Costco anyway
Patrick: They do have that new twelve inch Samsung…
Patrick: and I think I saw Halloween stuff going out. What?