Hey! Hey!         Who's that Playin'...

Hush my darling, be still my darling, the lion’s on the phone…

I know it seems a bit like a cheat to do the “days later” thing, but after some thought last week I decided that it was the best course of action. It moves the story along, and I can always come up with some bizarre side adventure for the trip along 30th avenue and the hill in a cheesy flashback. Also the weather has turned more wintry here (if you can call it that.) More rain than sun. The in between weather  keeps happening when I’m nowhere I need to be to take photos.

Mostly I just want to move along to get Paddy’s introduction set up so I can move along with this a little easier.


Narrator: Days later…
Doorbell Rings
Narrator: …a Typical busy Saturday morning.
Doorbell Rings, again.
Patrick: Shit. Always something when I start…Well at least I’ve got it clamped.
Patrick: Wait, nobody knows where we live.
Wife: Can you get that? I’m getting dressed.
Patrick: Yup!
Doorbell Rings, again.
Wife: I can throw something on. Uh, Maybe I shouldn’t, It’s probably bible people.
Patrick: Shouldn’t answer, or shouldn’t get dressed?