Have to take the little florescent castle back too. :-(

I Want What YOU’RE Having

We picked up the cat from Resting Waters on Saturday morning. We got little clay paw impressions, ink prints, some fur and his bone powder which looks very much like ashes, but are actually his. For anyone in the Puget Sound area, I very very much recommend them. For anyone outside the area, interested in a more environmentally friendly way for pet aftercare, or if you’re in an area that doesn’t guarantee that you get your pets ashes, aquamation is a really good alternative. So is a backyard burial if you can, but not such a good idea in our area. I really hope that they get the processed passed for humans at some point here.


Paddy: You put him in an aquarium?
Patrick: noooo… we had him aquamated
Patrick: It’s called Alkaline Hydrolysis really. Aquamation just sounds nicer. The end result is similar to cremation, but instead of ashes, you get bone powder.
Paddy: Oh, I see. So he’s not going to need the little bouncy diver and treasure chest then?