Perhaps he forgot to write a script for this weeks comic?

If it wasn’t attached

So there’s been a bit of a heat wave here. Not like the rest of the country, but enough that I didn’t want to be out in the sun with a plastic skeleton trying to get it to balance as it slowly softens. By Thursday I had forgotten that I hadn’t actually managed to get photos taken, then last night I just plain forgot about needing a script at all because I already have it plotted out, except for at this point I needed a filler since I didn’t have photos.


Paddy: Wait I’m forgetting something
Narrator: Normally yes, but not this time
Paddy: No really
Paddy: phone, shirt, house key, I even have pants
Narrator: Money?
Paddy: I paid for the pizza with their credit card
Narrator: Does he know this?
Paddy: Not yet. Soon though
Narrator: When he gets to the register and they hand him the receipt?
Paddy: Right. So, sooner still