Tinder is basically the home version of "The Dating Game" without Chuck Woolery

In search of Rodney Alcala

I suspect if they did the dating game today with the same set up you’d have everyone sitting on their stools looking down at their phones. There would also probably be a GCI of Jim Lange in his prime hosting the show. If there can be such a thing as Jim Lange in his prime. Really though it would just need to be Jim Lange. Maybe Chuck Woolery if they can get him.


Paddy: It’s a dating ap? What on earth for?
Patrick: Some people don’t have time to go out to bars and such, and use it as a filter to get the really bad ones out of the way first
Narrator: It’s like a dick pic Gatling gun
Paddy: oh I’ve got to see this
Patrick: It’s full of people that normally hit on anything that moves, but with the safety’s off
Paddy: So it’s an entertainment thing
Narrator: More than you can imagine
Paddy: Sign in with facebook? I don’t want these people knowing about my personal life
Patrick: You have your profile set to public. What difference will it make?
Paddy: Oh right. tap