He is of course talking about the marble scene in "My Fair Lady". Though certainly there is an adult parody of that as well.

[indistinguishable mumbling]

Now that this one is complete I realize it’s rather absurd. Not that there is this casual conversation about porn, I have those all the time. More like there is this casual conversation about porn with someone wearing Sponge Bob Square Pants pajama bottoms while standing at a computer on a treadmill. It’s one of those things you think doesn’t really happen in real life, but it did, there are photos. For the record, I do burst out into song like in musicals too.


Paddy: Well, I actually came in to watch a movie
Patrick: Right she’s got the game on in the other room, you mind using headphones?
Paddy: Oh I won’t even need the volume up at all
Patrick: I thought you didn’t watch subtitled films. What are you going to do? Read Lips?
Paddy: Don’t be silly. You can’t read lips when their mouth are full