Free pints for ex lepers

It’s a bloody miracle!

I have this image in my that this happened either like Yoda and R2-D2 over the flash light, or else like a cat and a stuffed animal. Little back legs kicking away at it and all. I suspect it was some kind of combination of the two.


Paddy: I inquired on the whereabouts of my barrel. The barkeep said when I was dumped in town that the barrel was entrusted to his father; for safe keeping of course.
Patrick: Of course
Patrick: Wait, then why the swap charade?
Paddy: It was the only way to get me to let go. He said that before locking it away they poured one jug.
Patrick: As a control no doubt.
Paddy: To keep fer them fucking selves!
Paddy: So the cripple and I had a couple of pints before I headed down to see the father and get me barrel
Patrick: Let me guess, years passed again
Paddy: nooooo
Paddy: I built up a tolerance. The cripple on the other hand, got up and was dancing in the streets