I find it strange that a pair of paper eyes on a stick end up looking like graphics photo shopped into the photo

It’s like the Pat Cave

So after a bit of an ordeal I am back up and running. Looks like a carriers update borked my phone somehow. At least that’s the best I can figure because when I actually did get the original phone to boot for a few seconds it was trying to optimize my aps. When I put the sim card into my old phone it kept trying to pass an update to it but the phone would pop up with an incompatibility message. When I got the first replacement phone It immediately started optimizing the aps again, but the camera screamed like a Banshee which is a bit odd because the lens is sooo tiny. Anyhow, the carrier made things right and I have a working phone again so back to last minute idea comic strips.


Paddy: Don’t you have a new phone yet?
Patrick: The replacement for the bad replacement just got here
Paddy: So we’re doing the black frame bit again?
Narrator: We could at least do the old eyeball gag
Paddy: Yeah like this!
Patrick: That doesn’t really work with a photo comic now does it?
Paddy: It’s working just fine
Patrick: No, I mean it doesn’t make sense. Anyhow the phone is all set up sooo…
Patrick: Really?
Paddy: What?
Patrick: PANTS!
Narrator: Maybe it will increase our search traffic