I think the containers are breeding

Junk Drawer

It is amazing when you have multiple hobbies how much crap you can accumulate. Even more amazing is how much of the gathered shit has absolutely nothing to do with your hobbies or anything else you actually take an interest in. I mean, there aren’t ever little children in our house, why did we buy a bargain Disney bowling set? Oh right. The cat. That asshole refused to play kitty bowling. A lot of ideas simply sound great when you’re wandering the grocery store on an empty stomach after having gone too long between meals.


Paddy: Didn’t you just clean up out here?
Patrick: Yup
Paddy: You haven’t even been out here, what happened?
Patrick: Well, you know how a lot of people clean by throwing things into drawers, while others go through their accumulated crap and get rid of what they don’t need?
Paddy: yeah
Patrick: Somehow we stopped being either, I basically have a big dovetailed room that gathers up the other rooms
Paddy: But these are empty
Patrick: shhhhhhhhhh