"Around the rugged rock the ragged rascal ran"

Just hanging around

It occurs to me, that this sub-story is winding down and I stall haven’t finished the adjustments to Paddy. The premise remains that he is supposed to be learning how to drive and as of now he can still only grab the wheel with one hand. Let alone figuring out how to have him in the drivers seat while on the highway.


Paddy: So I headed up the road to see the barkeepers father. When I got there I discovered it was a madhouse, they had the poor bugger locked up in a cell
Paddy: I could hear him down the hall singing to himself. I’m not crazy, I’m not Mad, ’twas just the pint of cider I had
Paddy: That’s when it hit me
Patrick: It took till then to realize the cider was a bit much?
Paddy: No, the cider was just fine. Someone had come up from behind and smashed me on the head