Confucius ducks

Kierkegaard, Sartre and Frankl walk into a bar…

I’m Stalling. I haven’t yet figured out how to safely take photos of Paddy on the road. I also have a lot going on here so it’s a low priority. Aaaaaaand the weather has cleared though I can write that in.  I wonder how long I can keep this horrible thread going. I may need to get more flanel.


Paddy: So you’re telling me that all those kids are college students?
Narrator: Most of them are attending U-Dub, yes
Paddy: Well that’s just stupid
Narrator: What? why?
Paddy: Why would you need to attend University to cut down trees? A correspondence course sure, but a university? In the city?
Narrator: They’re not Lumb…
Paddy: and how do they live with themselves?
Narrator: …berjackssssss…huh?
Paddy: Luberjack College! This is the Pacific Northwest! Doesn’t that create some sort of existential dilemma?