This week I bring you not just one, but two. Two adorable, fuzzy, rubbable bellies!

Kitty Kam

Not so sure how I feel about this one. I like the layout, and I like that it looks like a webcam, but the color is too washed out and in my head I cant figure out whose perspective the comic is from. I suppose the narrator could be looking at us, but the idea of a disembodies being looking at us at all times is rather creepy to me.


Patrick: Well whatever got into you this morning, I’m awake now
Cat: Use this thing to look up tiny jackhammer sounds
Patrick: You know the last time I was up this early the dog got me up because of the noise outside
Cat: This is nice though
cat gets comfortable
Patrick: Maybe we should get another dog?
Cat: The hell you say?
Patrick: Meh, you and Paddy are trouble enough already