Matthew Wilder's "Break my Stride" could be interpreted as a bit racist in this light I think.

Last night I had the strangest dream…

Reconciliation Park is on the way from the Docks to Paddy’s destination. It’s a popular area and the start of the water frontage park strip. I wanted to make sure to get it in there as it’s a very beautiful area, visually and politically.

Tacoma, like many cities in the U.S., booted out the Chinese at the 19th Century. In the 1990’s a financially controversial park was constructed along the waterfront to help make amends and heal relations with China.

Park info here & here.

as for the abuse of the Chinese and other Asians in the U.S. try here

Old Tacoma is the actual name of the area on the North end of the City.


Paddy: Paddy M’Boy, yer getting old, and yer lost.
Paddy: There are no docks, mills, or boats here. This is not Old Tacoma.
Paddy: Now I’m certain I’m lost.
Paddy: Oh.
Paddy: Much more has changed here than I thought.
Paddy: Good.