I personally like both kinds of napping to pass the time as well.

Like a Blister in the Sun

So, there was a really long rant here. It’s been brewing in my head for weeks now. The problem was that it didn’t really fit well with today’s comic. So it’s been moved to a text file, where I will slowly develop it into a story line. I think. Somehow. I may have to bust ass and finish the comic repairs to make it work how I want first.


Paddy: So you’ve been out here quite a bit. All is well?
Patrick: Yup. Just disconnecting myself for a bit
Patrick: I can get lost in my thoughts out here
Paddy: Isn’t that a bad thing?
Patrick: For some reason, not out here. I guess because I’m doing something
Patrick: Then again, I’m always doing something
Paddy: I’m not certain that boredom masturbation counts as ‘something’