Once again, the phone has stopped ringing. I wonder what it's like to not be a slave to the phone ringing.

Like fingernails on a chalkboard

When I ran his finger across the screen to make sure it really wouldn’t work it was like fingernails on a chalkboard. The benefit to partial hearing loss is that sounds like that don’t really bother me anymore. Then again maybe it’s just that I’m older. There was a woodpecker on the side of the house the other day. If you’ve never had one have a go at your house it’s an interesting phenomena. This tiny little beak attached to a head banger gets amplified by the wood and the empty cavities of your walls, basically working like a speaker box. Take a pen or a pencil, drop it on it’s end from about an inch up. There will be a repeating noise from the bounce. This noise lasts about a second. No take this noise, make it go on for about 5 seconds. Then pause for a second. Then repeat, over and over. Oh, I forgot to mention that you need to have a microphone near by hooked up to an amp cranked up to Who levels and playing out of phase so you have no idea where the sound is coming from. You now have an inkling of what it’s like. When this happen at my house, my first reaction was to run outside and see the bird. I took some pictures and just watched it for about 10 minutes. Then it dawned on me that she had put a pretty good size ding into the fascia boards and was doing damage to the house.
So, no¬†fingernails on a chalkboard and the like really don’t bother me anymore.
Narrator: Slide your finger across the screen to unlock it.
Paddy: It isn’t doing anything. Now it’s blank.
Narrator: You took too long so it went to sleep.
Narrator: Hrm, it’s not able to register you.
Paddy: Um, OK. So how do I answer the phone?
Narrator: Here, Use this.
Paddy: What the hell am I supposed to do with that?
Narrator: Put it on your ear and press the button.
Paddy: You’re serious aren’t you?