just back away very slowly...

Lousy Smarch weather

Another year is upon us. At least if you start measuring from January 1st. Personally I prefer to measure from some point in April because it’s a little more accurate from my perspective. A lot happened here in 2017. So much so  that it may be time for a break, I’m not sure yet. I’ve been doing this every week for 4 years. I’ve contemplated a vacation from it for the last year, but every time I start to write a hiatus comic, it turns into something different and the comic keeps drudging along like it has a mind of it’s own with no editor to stop it.


Narrator: Well, that’s another round trip completed
Paddy: Is that where you’ve been? I just assumed you hadn’t had any lines for a while
Narrator: You’re joking right? It’s New Years Day, we just made another trip around the sun
Paddy: Don’t be daft. It’s just the day we flip the calendar because a bunch of Romans were too busy killing each other to remake a calendar. Then the church got hold of it and God knows they won’t change anything
Narrator: My point is that we’ve gone round the…
Paddy: It’s an ellipse! at what point do you start measuring? because two weeks into winter seems like an absolute shite spot if you ask me…
Narrator: Happy New Year Everyone. Make the changes you want, or don’t. We’ll just Come around again anyhow