It could have been worse. He could have been dead

Love Lies Bleeding

How in the world do real writers end a story line? This one just seems to keep on going.


Paddy: So Lucy won and I was sent back to earth
Patrick: Not into heaven?
Paddy: Don’t be daft. I wouldn’t be talking to ya if I got in
Cat: That’s better, but I still don’t get where all this crap came from
Narrator: Say no more your excellency
Paddy: I awoke in my coffin during my wake, and let me tell ya, a bloody fine wake it was too. Lots of food and drink, music and dancing
Narrator: All the crap is cleaned up. Your grace?
Paddy: There must have been three hundred people there
Patrick: Who knew you’d be so popular
Paddy: I didn’t know fuck one of them
Narrator: crap.