too bad the Stout Scarab never caught on

Man with a Van

Those of you following the Tumblr, Instagram and or Facebook feeds probably saw that we went to see Flogging Molly this week. You may have also saw our seats. It was a good show, at least the half I could see when I leaned around the post. Could I have moved? Yes, but since I’m 6’4″, and 17 Stone, I would’ve been blocking the view of one of the other patrons seated in the ADA section. So I leaned. I understand the logic in why the ADA section was placed where it was, but a little more effort and thought would’ve made a big difference. It was a good show nonetheless.


Narrator: On the road, finally
Paddy: So, I have a bit of a sensitive question to ask you, and you don’t have to answer, and I understand if you don’t
Patrick: Shoot
Paddy: You and the wife have been married a while now correct?
Patrick: A little over 20 years
Paddy: and your family is scattered elsewhere across the states, and you have no offspring
Patrick: I think I see where you’re going
Paddy: Oh good! Because for the life of me I yet to understand why you drive a fucking minivan