Somewhere in Northern Mongolia there's a very large, and very manly nomad with a sat phone all a twitter because Betty Hazzinofski, Prom Queen of Sugarton Iowa, is getting married.

Mark Zuckerberg Cares

It’s very hard to safely drive and shoot pictures. Out of 30 or so photos, only 6 were any good. Guess I’m driving around in the Van with a skeleton in it again this week. Perhaps I’ll have him moon the other drivers.


Patrick: I thought you were going to ask why we didn’t have kids
Paddy: oh for fucksakes. That’s your private matter
Patrick: You said a sensitive issue so I thought…
Paddy: People these days. You yell about yer right to privacy an’ow they’re collectin’ everything about’cha. But tha moment any-ting happens to’ya, yer on facebook an’ twitter tellin’ tha whole feckin’ planet
Patrick: Some people are just excited and want to share things with their friends an family
Paddy: Yeah, but there’s no way that eighteen year old actually knows over two thousand people, and I doubt any of them really care that Bambi is feeling poopy