not a single penis pun has come to me

Maybe Jack Torrance got it write

I’m fairly certain that this joke has been made before, possibly even by me in this comic. Somehow, that make this even funnier. Originally I had something about work related things, Paddy not understanding the concept of acronyms and pulling up the stool because obviously if he can repeat an acronym without understanding what it means, he must be upper management. But it didn’t flow very well, and it was getting too personal and since I hate acronyms and couldn’t think of a really good masturbation joke, I made a writers block comic, which in itself is a joke.


Paddy: How long are you planning on hiding out here? I mean I get it, but four years is…
Patrick: I’m just making the door
Paddy: Sure, but you need to get out of the cave once in a while
Patrick: No really. I’m only working on the door
Paddy: Writers block, huh?
Patrick: Yeah. It’s never really happened to me before
Paddy: Well, it’s understandable, you’ve been stressed at work, you don’t get enough exercise… Did You check with your Doctor? Maybe she can get you a little blue pill?