Note that he didn't ask for a body double


Meetings. Even just setting up for the pictures I got bored and started playing with my phone.
If I didn’t kill the current story it was going to be weeks of pretty much everyone saying “well this is shitty”


Patrick: I’m killing the current story
Paddy: The devil you say! I didn’t think you’d ever give that shit up
Patrick: Thirty percent of our readers went on Zoloft
Patrick: I intend to skip ahead to the next section
Narrator: Ah come on, I haven’t had any lines in two months
Paddy: I want a stunt double
Patrick: What the hell for?
Wife: How exactly do you propose we pay for a stunt double
Paddy: They can have a quarter of my salary
Wife: That’s still nothing
Narrator: Not even a measly “Soon…”