Thankfully he isn't attacking China, I'd run out of props and stunt doubles. What's that you say? Well Fuck.

“Mr. Gobachev, tear down this wall”

I never thought I’d be quoting Ronald Reagan. Ignoring that the wall is really about nationalism/racism and increasing the the size of the poor column on income charts, the basic concept just will not work. The continental border is about 2,000 miles on the map. More when you take into consideration terrain and material to cross it. Even if we were to build ‘The Great Wall of Fuck Mexico’, with gun towers, barbed wire, guards every 10 feet and space age laser grid fences, people will still just take another route. The easiest would be the US West Coast. That’s another 2,000 miles as the crow flies, 9,000 miles of actual shore. Not including Alaska. The Pacific has a lot of international water. It isn’t anywhere near practical to patrol it all. You’d also end up inspecting every fishing vessel, cruise ship, private yacht incoming and outgoing and taking passenger tallies and ID’s. The more practical solution would be to wall off the coast line and have a check in process this of course would be a continuous expense because of magically eroding coast line. It’s also never going to happen. The majority of the property on the West Coast is owned by rich white people. It would ruin their view and more importantly, their property values so we’d have to find some asinine way to make the wall of boats work. Of course then they’ll just come up through 600 miles of Canadian West Coast. All of this trouble for a few immigrants who are taking jobs we won’t work anyhow. You’ll notice I didn’t say legal or illegal, since what is considered legal seems to be changing hourly.


Paddy: I thought I’d find you out here
Patrick: Well it needs to be done
Paddy: Hell of a first week, eh?
Patrick: Yes it was
Paddy: I just hope the rest of congress isn’t so stupid
Patrick: I’m fairly certain that they know if you increase import duties that cost just gets added to the product
Patrick: The question is do they care. That’s potentially billions into corporate pockets, not the Treasury
Paddy: I hope both parties just kill it because I really like Avacodos