One hundred thirty years later we have an easier whole lot of nothing, and that's something. I'm looking at you Oklahoma!

My corduroy breeches I put on

How complicated were cars then?

The right pedal operates the brakes, the middle selects reverse, the left one can be depressed or lifted to switch between the two speeds and, on some models, the brake lever to the right also selects an overdrive. The accelerator is on the steering wheel and the horn doesn’t even make it inside, being stuck on top of a lamp outside.

-Richard Hammond

edit 3/7/2016: While adjusting the frames for tilt and colour, I noticed that the Narrator seems to have closed the closet door. That was very tidy of him.


Patrick: In all this time how have you not learned to drive?
Paddy: There really wasn’t ever any need
Narrator: Oh, here we go…
Paddy: When the car first came out it was really a complicated ordeal, and there was still a whole lot of nothing between cities then. it was easier to take a train or a boat.
Patrick: But what if you were in a hurry?
Paddy: OH, I’ve never been that self important