Not so much a howl as a very bad rendition of 'Danny Boy'.

Nature teaches beasts to know their friends.

For the record, before I get an email. We don’t intentionally get the dog drunk. She has on occasion when we weren’t looking, drank our beer.
Hopefully there won’t be too many more dark comics. If there is, I’ll have to get a different camera. The cell phone is horrible in low light.edit 1/29/16 – Found a better solution for the color issue with editing. Still grainy with the old cell phone camera. Indeed, the quote is from Shakespeare’s “The Tragedy of Coriolanus”. Apparently known for having a low opinion of dogs, I thought it a fitting twist on the line.


Narrator: hours later, upstairs.
Wife: Wake up. do you hear that?
Dog starts singing/howling
Patrick: Relax. It’s just the dog. She’s probably just confused since I left her down there with Paddy.
Wife: She’s howling.
Patrick: There she stopped. She wanders a bit every night. you just usually sleep though it.
Wife: Uh, was that the toilet lid?