I think the alignment may be off on the van

Navigator, Navigator

Great news. My awesome GiMP hacking skills are good enough for the comic that I didn’t have use a bunch of filters like I thought I was going to need to do. There are a few artifacts here and there but nothing that doesn’t fit within the strangeness that is the comic.

Small history lesson. The term Navigator, or Navvy is often used to refer to the laborers that worked on the navigational projects such as canals, railroads, bridges. Many of whom in the 18th, 19th, and even into the 20th century were worked to death. “I’ve been working on the railway” seems kind of a macabre now, eh?


Paddy: This isn’t so hard. It’s a relaxing Sunday drive. You still with me there Boy-o?
Patrick: With or without you…
Paddy: That was Boy-o. Not Bono
Patrick: Within you and without you
Paddy: Not sure the lads from Liverpool are any more helpful right now sweets
Paddy: I don’t recall a freeway on the way to hospital
Patrick: WHEEEE! I’m a dump truck. brwawwwmmmm