I'm not even sure he's ever set foot in a Walmart. At least not since he and Sam had that affair in Little Rock.

Nice Melons

Tit-sling? Cantaloupe catapult? What exactly are you doing with that banana? Orange you glad I’m out of fruit jokes? What? You don’t carrot all? Fine. I have to Pea anyway. No big dill.


Patrick: Well you go get ready and I’ll clean off the passenger seat
Paddy: Oh. I have to go with you?
Patrick: Yes, you need to apologize to that driver so that they’ll deliver here again
Paddy: fine. It’s been a awhile since you and I’ve had an outing
Patrick: We’ve never had an outing
Paddy: So we didn’t start a produce fight at the super Walmart in the women’s underwear section?
Patrick: No, but I’ll see if I can squeeze it in at some point