Seattle on the other hand has a completely different set of traffic laws that completely ignore the laws of physics, thermodynamics, conservation, and English rule.

No future for you

Thanks to the combination of my only updating once a week, and western societies adoption of the Julian calendar a few centuries ago, this week and next week I will be four years of producing mindless BS with a plastic skeleton from Costco. What started out as something to keep me busy and somewhat sane during my un- & Under employment, turned in on itself and sort of grew into it’s own story, without actually being a story. The former I expected simply because of the way my mind works, the latter mostly because I rarely come up with any actual plot to stick with, or come up with a good idea, then fail to implement because I’m too embarrassed to walk around with a half dressed skeleton. More specifically, answering questions as to WHY I’m walking around with a half dressed skeleton.  Which is strange, because you’d think that would be a great way to promote the comic to increase readership, but in reality I don’t trust people and have very little faith in them as of late.


Paddy: Are you sure you want to do this today? It’s supposed to get into the 90’s again and Downtown is liable to be hotter with all the cement
Patrick: The car has A/C
Paddy: What if it suddenly stops working?
Patrick: Then we put the windows down and drive 88 mph
Paddy: You can do that?
Patrick: Well sure
Patrick: I mean it’s not legal, and you kind of ignore the safety of others, you’ll most likely get pulled over and arrested. But yeah, technically you can DO whatever you want
Paddy: So is that everywhere, or just Downtown Tacoma?