He's been concernered about it since the first incident with the cheeze grater, the pankakes and the pliers

No-pan kissa

Some of our more nitpicky more astute readers may have noticed that Paddy has been missing his left fifth Distal and Middle Phalanges. While it technically isn’t missing and is on my desk. I thought that I’d bring up that as of Wednesdays photo shoot, he now also suffering from a detached Number 2 Distal, Middle, AND Proximal Phalanges. There was a mishap with a window blind.


Narrator: For the last time, It is not an adult film
Paddy: Well why not?
Narrator: Because we’re pushing the user agreement with our hosting provider as it is
Paddy: Then we should move
Narrator: Patrick is not going to move the site just because you want to do porn, and what is with you and the no pants!
Paddy: I didn’t want to ruin them in the shop, and I no longer have anything to get caught in a vise again, sooooo…
Narrator: You could at least put on the skirt