Thousands of the Furry Fuckers. Everywhere! As far as the eyes can see and everywhere under foot.

Not a creature was stirring…

The cat has seriously been dragging his furry mice toys all over the house the last few weeks. He has also become very vocal since the dog has passed. He doesn’t shut up. You think he’s sleeping, you’re by yourself, quietly working on this weeks comic like everyone does, then suddenly MROW! you piss your pants, turn to look and there is the most serious and accusing face staring back at you. “I don’t know what you did with her, but I will find out. When I do there is going to be hell to pay”


Paddy: The cat seems to be extra lovey these last few days. He hasn’t gotten into the tree once
Patrick: That’s because we haven’t added any ornaments since you put it up two weeks ago
Paddy: Bah, you’d just have to take them down again anyhow. Still, we could add to the temptations and test his limits
Cat: You are failing to hold up your part of my good deed efforts
Paddy: The deceitful little bastard just wants more fuzzy mice for Christmas