He's lucky there wasn't time to perform the Positron Emission Tomography

Now serving number 9

Still fighting with the stunt double. attempt one doesn’t seem to want to hold the legs up on their own. Next is an experiment involving zip ties.  I suspect that there will be comics regarding this that might accidentally appeal to the more aggressive E.L. James fan base. As far as this weeks punchline, I can’t decide which is worse, that it’s a really old joke, or that I may have already used it a time or two. Meh, par for the course around here.


Paddy: Would you at least come out to the shop and take a look?
Cat: I guess, but they’ll be home anytime now
Paddy: It will be quick
Narrator: moments later, a car pulls up
Cat: He looks just like you with extra wires and cheaper bolts. Gotta go before I get caught out here
Paddy: We haven’t even done anything
Paddy: You didn’t tell me anything I don’t already know! I better not see a bill! I’m not paying for half a cat scan!