As a child I was very disappointed when I learned that the "hanging of the Greens" did not involve getting rid of the mean people down the street.

From now on your troubles will be far away…

Merry Christmas.

Well, I’ve learned one thing with the larger format. It certainly makes a larger file. I had to switch over to jpg so that it didn’t take too long to load. As it is, it’s going to take a bit for anyone with a slow connection. The larger png file can be had here if you’re interested. edit January 26, 2016. Screw it. You get the big one anyhow. 

The most bizarre thing about all this is that the original intention was just to do a one shot. We got everything set up, and the dog would not behave. While going through to see if any of them were salvageable, We came up with the strip. I hesitated for about a tenth of a second because it’s been done so many times before. It’s very cliche, but so is Christmas. Then again, maybe it works because it’s not really cliche at all, but a classic. Much like Christmas.


Patrick: How do you change the lighting on this thing?
Flash goes off.
Paddy: Happy Chrimbo!
Patrick: Damnit Dog!
Wife: Turn around and sit!
Cat: Hey Dog, Wanna Treat?
in unison
Patrick & Wife: SIT!
Paddy: I tip my hat to you sir cat.
Patrick: What is she looking for?
Dog: Treat, treat, treat
Narrator: Sit Doggie, Sit.
Narrator: Well, I tried everything I can think of.
Dog: Treat, treat, treat
Cat: Did I say Treat? I meant Vets.
Dog runs off in full panic.
Paddy: Now see, that’s funny
Dog: No Vet! No Vet! No Vet! No Vet!
in unison
Patrick & Wife: SHIT!
Paddy: So. Do you think their folks will like the Christmas cards?
Cat: Does it matter?
sound effect: CLUNK!
All: Merry Christmas