Bow chika Meow Meow

Now with stereoscopy

Indeed, this is current events. Well the furnace part anyway. I am very glad to be in the western part of Washington where if the furnace goes out I am not going to freeze to death. It is certainly nicer than when the furnace went out in Alaska. Here I can use the fireplace and turn on the HVAC Fan to circulate the house and it can actually hold a decent 65F. Even without the fireplace it was only a cool 58F before I turned it on. This means no overtime emergency HVAC call on a weekend. and once the sun is up, I’ll probably be able to turn off the fireplace. It is however tempting to get a small pot belly stove for the downstairs. Not only would it help heat down there, but I could get rid of a lot of scrap wood. hrmmmm.


Wife: This has been nice. We should do this more often
Patrick: Which part?
Wife: Oh definitely the part where we wait the whole weekend for the HVAC guy
Patrick: oh, good
Wife: Nudge Good?
Patrick: Yeah, I’m getting older. I don’t know how many more of these all nighters I can handle
Wife: Speaking of… why is there porn music coming from the garage?