Jazz hands!

Ohhh, my love. My darling

The truth is they live there now. I stacked them in there a few months ago to get them out of the way of the rearrangement of the furniture and I’ve been too lazy and to grab one of them to dissect for more poseable parts for Paddy. Well that and the low budget.
Interesting fact about the song “unchained melody”. It was originally written for a low budget film called “Unchained” about life in Prison. In 1955, about 10 years prior to the Righteous Brothers cover.
edit 3/20/2016 – This one needed a lot of reworking of the balloons to make the flow work the way I wanted it to. I also realized the effect of having one photo span two separate frames doesn’t really work unless you live here and know what the room looks like, otherwise it’s just a photo of a closet.


Paddy: So, help me set up this profile
Narrator: I’ll help you with it
Patrick: I’d rather not even be involved
Paddy: I’ll make dinner
Patrick: You’re supposed to be doing that anyway
Paddy: Yeah, but I’ll actually do it
Patrick: No, you really…
Paddy: I’ll make you croque madam and blood pudding
Patrick: OK. But you’re going to put pants…
Patrick: …on. Why are the stunt doubles in the storage closet?
Paddy: They looked lonely out in the garage
Patrick: One of them is dressed in your clothes
Paddy: GAW! He’s such a slut