There are now thousands of higher resolution photos of the inside of the cats ears, eyes, and nose

Olan Mills

Wow, I spent a whole eight hours on this one. Well while running around and eating and other things so maybe more like four. Three hours of that was the shitty dialogue, only to settle for slightly less shitty dialogue. In any event, at least the last story arc is over.


Paddy: So apparently, Patrick got a new phone
Cat: Yes. I am aware
Paddy: and I think I pissed him off
Cat: oh?
Paddy: He was worrying about maybe needing to change the comic format
Cat: and you thought to console him with your new found knowledge of the internet
Paddy: Well, I meant to say it didn’t matter since the whole thing is just an exercise and an outlet for his frustrations.
Cat: true
Paddy: but what I actually said was, “it doesn’t fucking matter since no one reads it anyway”
Cat: also true
Paddy: He was pretty mad
Cat: don’t worry about it. I piss him off all the time and he never does anything
Paddy: Oh, OK then