So do my boxers for that matter. At least he doesn't have to worry about boxers, sweatpants and being in public.

One girl was called Jean Marie…

One of these day’s Paddy and I are going to go into Victoria’s Secret and get him properly fitted. I also find it kind of funny that I’m going to end up with a dresser of clothing for a Halloween decoration.

Those of you not aware of the rarer Who tracks, The title is from the song “I’m a boy”. Video here
Paddy: Jayzus that was quite the ordeal.
Patrick: You were a good distraction, there’s usually much more drama.
Paddy: more likely from the hangover.
Patrick: I’m sorry, what?
Paddy: The plant. it may need water. This thing is…well it’s really dry.
Patrick: oh. Can you take care of that while I’m out? I have some interviews today…and please change out of my underwear.
Paddy: How’s this?
Patrick: um? I suppose it depends if you’re still trying to get on her good side.
Paddy: Oh, good point. it does look better on me.