The hostess assumed he was a child dressed up for Emerald City Comicon so she gave him the crayons. Not sure why he grabbed the butt barrier.

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So my original skeleton model is beginning to get a bit loose. At this point I’m having issues getting him to stand upright. He keeps falling forward at the hips. While this does seem to be within character, it make photos rather difficult. I’m kind of between projects at the moment in the shop so I figured I’d take this time to rework the pose-able stunt double. It may mean having exposed wires so I’m not too happy about that. We shall see.


Narrator: Days later
Paddy: The script expressly says, “Six Days Later”
Narrator: I can see that. It is also written in cheap crayon…on a paper toilet Seat cover
Narrator: Neither of which exist in this house
Paddy: They’re from Denny’s
Narrator: YOU went to a Denny’s
Paddy: yeah
Narrator: You don’t eat or drink. Why did you go to Denny’s
Paddy: It was 2 am, I was headed to Seattle to get some photos. I thought I should probably go to the bathroom before the long drive. dramatic pause You think he can still salvage this?