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Paddy Does Dallas

Debbie Does Dallas is one of the most recognized titles as adult entertainment. Yet, there really isn’t anything adult in the title. Really, it could be an Audrey Hepburn movie from the 50’s about a young Northeastern woman from New Hampshire¬†traveling to Texas¬†to escape the snow and visit an elderly Aunt only to meet a wonderful guy in advertising, fall in love, but she doesn’t want to stay in Dallas and couldn’t possibly ask him to move but then a wire comes in and her whole estate burned down and the office she worked at closed up so, with nowhere else to go (because the movie will ignore the Aunt after the initial visit) she runs to his arm, because 50’s stereotypes suck and that’s how it ends.
The actual plot of Debbie Does Dallas may be better.


Paddy: So… If your new job looks that bad… Why did you take it?
Patrick: I don’t have much of a choice. It’s the first thing to come up in months and we really need the money.
Paddy: ah.
Paddy: Couldn’t you keep the part time and do things to earn extra income?
Patrick: What would generate enough steady income?
Paddy: Porn?