It's more like a bunch of rich kid garage bands, but it's nothing but lead singers

Plastic Eggs

“Hey Martha, look at this. Some bunny has left us chocolate eggs all over the lawn. Well shoot, it looks like it’s all really old stale cheap milk chocolate. Well beggars can’t be choosers, candy doesn’t go bad anyhow does it? At least it wasn’t that useless dark chocolate. Those folk in the cities can have that.”

No offence to Martha Wayne, Martha Kent, or Aqua Martha


radio sfx: …in Mar-A-Lago again this weekend…
Paddy: It’s like a boat full of coxswain, and it’s beneath them to bring the oars
radio sfx: …press secretary, again this week…
Wife:are they truly that ignorant of history and life under six figures? or
are they really that racist?
Paddy: All I know is they’re handing us shit wrapped in sparkly cellophane and calling it Easter candy