Someone needs to learn to wash their hands

Plasticine porters with looking glass ties

Remember Kitties don’t do drugs.
Place the comma where you’d like. Place the coma where you’d like as well.

Plasticine is a modeling clay material, it was a popular brand name but became commonly used to mean the material. Much like Kleenex is used for tissue. You now have another bit of mostly useless information. I bring this up because at work this week “Lucy in the sky” was on the radio and a younger co-worker asked “What the fuck is a Plasticine porter?” of which,  the answer turned into a whole explanation of the song. In the end I think he was more confused than before. I blame our current education system.


Patrick: You were making Hard Cider?
Paddy: I already had that, I was distilling it then blending it again
Patrick: OH! before I forget. thanks for getting the flower beds cleaned out
Cat: Sniff Sniff
Patrick: The mushrooms kind of got out of control and we don’t want goofy deer again
Paddy: Think nothin’ of it; so the first batch came out really nice
Cat: Nom Nom Nom Nom
Paddy: Having sampled a couple of pints I thought it may be better if I triple distilled it, then let it sit in a barrel
Patrick: Like Irish Whiskey?
Paddy: Indeed I do
Cat: I can see through time