In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus OH SHITTUS!

Pontiff Approved

Managed to stall the photo taking one more week :-) I am contemplating moving the comic to Mondays though. Give me a little more time to delay things and all that. :-)
edit 10:31AM: Apparently it will also assist with me needing to make corrections 12 times in one morning also.


Paddy: He’s got friends coming up from the side here. No weapons though
Patrick: The one behind us has a…
Patrick: Is that a ruler?
Paddy: Oh! They’re Catholic!
Patrick: This is good why?
Paddy: ’cause now I know it isn’t anything personal
SFX: Fists on glass and kicking of metal
Paddy: By the way, I think you and I may have very different definitions of “adventure”