We're in the pacific northwest. We recycle everything. Even dialogue.


Oh, drama. Does the dog belong to Mr. Rubenbottom? Will it make Mrs Metiche leave her window seat? Will it spawn a neighborly fling, or a neighborhood turf war? and what about the damned leash laws? To find out, come back next week or the following weeks. I only have an average of 3.1798 panels so it could take a while. Especially since I have no clue either and not buffer currently.

Paddy: You’re back early
Patrick: I was going to say the same, I thought you had an afternoon shift?
Paddy: I did but the new manager sent me home because it just wasn’t Friday enough yet
Patrick: But it’s Wednesday
Paddy: That’s what I… oh, forget it. I think he really sent me home because I refused to show off more cleavage
Paddy: Oi! did Freddy just let that dog into his house?
Patrick: Who? What dog?
Paddy: I hope he likes plaid as much as he likes flamingos
Patrick: What are you talking about?