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So it apparently takes eight months to go out to get Pizza, get your housemate beat up by homophobic ass hats, learn to drive, get lost, end up 40 miles away… in another city, and much, much more importantly, neglect to call the housemates spouse. At least the Brothel is nice and the staff are friendly.


Wife: txt msg – Where are you? Is Patrick with you? What do we want for dinner? Hello?
Narrator: Back in Seattle, SOMEBODY is trying to decide what to reply
Paddy: Well I don’t want to panic her
Narrator: You are likely past that point already
Paddy: right
Paddy: txt msg – Doctor says no permanent damage
Narrator: Really?
Paddy: What?
Wife: txt msg – WTF!!!!!!! Where the fuck are you? That’s not fucking funny!
Paddy: Should I tell her about the Swedish Brothel?
Wife: txt msg – This better be a joke!
Narrator: It’s a Hospital, and no. I mean YES!