John Roberts, Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito can go fuck themselves for missing the whole fucking point.

“Scalia’s Tears”

I don’t like labeling and categorizing people. Dogs or cats either for that matter. In this comic Paddy is who he is. He is very full of himself, but still caring. He does what he thinks is right for humanity, whether it agrees with him or not. When it comes to a sexual preference the answer is yes. Not men, not women, but “yes”. If you show intelligence and compassion, then it’s “Fuck Yes!”. This is inherent to his core character. It is, and always will have been. Though as I bring more and more of his personal history into the mix, his outward personality may be different through the years, his basic being will always be “Yes”. Paddy is not Gay, nor is he straight. He is not black, nor white, he’s not really even male or female anymore. He’s just human. Well, mostly anyway.

That all being said, yesterday’s US Supreme Court’s decision is a very important step in getting our collective heads out of our collective asses. There are no words from Paddy simply because I decided to leave him speechless. I felt there were no words that he could say to properly convey any of his feelings. I didn’t really need the parts of Paddy reading the news on his tablet, discussion of excitement with me, the wife, and the cat. So, all the other panels, the 30 or so paragraphs of long winded dialogue, all trashed. It wasn’t needed. Just the last panel.

For the record, if you hadn’t heard, a bar in Chicago created a drink commemorating the decision. The Drink can be found here: