"and if it wasn't legal than the Lawyers they would sue..."

Some say kissin’s a sin

Paddy: So Pete comes back with this giant book. Tells me its a listing of all me sins. but then Lucy says “This is shite, and scare tactics. Repeat sins only count if they’ve happened after forgiveness. My client’s never even seen the inside of a confessional”
Patrick: Wait…
Patrick: Why was Lucifer advocating on your behalf?
Paddy: The hell if I know. I assumed at the time it was his job, and that he just wasn’t very good at it.
Cat:  I was only gone five minutes. Where did all this stuff come from?
Paddy: So in the end there were just the two sins. Lucy argued that since the almighty wanted us to go forth and propagate, that technically none of my fornication was a sin. The drinkin, on the other hand…
Cat: I need in here